August in the garden and the nursery:

What to do in the Garden:
- Sow or lay new lawns
- Clean out ponds
- Prune roses if you haven’t already done so
- Get ready to spray peach and nectarine trees for leaf curl:
- Traditionally, Bordeaux mixture was used treat this, but modern copper-based fungicides are much easier to mix up and apply.
- Timing is very important - you need to spray as the buds start to swell. If it rains before the leaves emerge, spray again.
- Prune citrus trees to remove any gall caused by Citrus Gall Wasp. If it’s badly infested, don’t be afraid to give the tree a tough prune. Citrus trees can handle being pruned heavily and will shoot back with vigour. Bin gall-infested clippings, don’t compost them.
- Come and get some pheromone based sticky traps to hang in your trees to prevent further infestations.
- Prune passionfruit if needed
- If you haven’t already, dig in any green manure that has grown over the previous months.
- Good time of year for planting Australian Native plants.

Sow (from seed): globe artichokes, beetroot, carrot, leeks, lettuce, herbs, peas, radishes

Plant (from seedling): potatoes, comfrey, cabbages, summer cauliflowers, summer flowering bulbs