July in the garden and the nursery:

What to do in the Garden:
- Keep track of weeds - pulling them up before they go to flower and set seed will save you years of weeding in the future
- Nourish soil by adding compost, sea mungus (slow release sea weed product) and apply mulch
- Spray deciduous fruit and ornamental trees with lime sulphur to kill any mites or other insect eggs
- Take the time while it's cold to plan your spring plantings - think about making raised beds or clearing areas for new crops. Crop rotation is also good to consider.
- Read up about companion planting of vegies - see us about a useful wall chart
- Prune your roses and spray with lime sulphur
- Sprinkle a handful of sulphate of potash alongside broad beans and water it in.
- Don't be afraid of having a wander around the garden even though it's cold - you might find pots or other plantings in need of your attention.
- Cut back on watering of house plants

Sow (from seed): broad beans, cabbage, lettuce, onions, peas

Plant (from seedling): artichokes, asparagus crowns, comfrey currents, gooseberries, horseradish roots, raspberries, strawberries, other berry fruits, summer flowering bulbs