June in the garden and the nursery:

What to do in the Garden:
- Prepare your soil - weed, compost and mulch thoroughly
- Plant bare rooted ornamental and fruit trees
- Mix compost into the soil before planting.
- Check for any broken and damaged roots and cut them cleanly before planting. If any roots are too long either cut them down or enlarge the hole. Don’t bend them to fit.
- Cut the tree down by a third to compensate for the inevitable damage done to the roots
- Prune the tree to consider future branches
- Prune most fruit trees except plums and apricots
- Come into the nursery for a fruit tree pruning demonstration
- Take care of your tools - check for any rust and clean off grime and dirt. Oil tools as required and store in a dry place. Sharpen secateurs. There is a sharpening service offered at the nursery.
- Clean your secateurs after each use to ensure clean cuts and avoid the spread of disease.
- Plant bare rooted roses
- Start planting summer flowering bulbs
- Pile up fallen leaves to make leaf mould, or mix them into your compost Cut back on the watering of house plants

Sow (from seed):
broad beans, cabbages, chives, endive, leeks, lettuce, onion, radishes, garlic bulbs

Plant (from seedling):
rhubarb crowns, asparagus crowns, strawberries